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An architect with over 35 years of experience,

Purcell is devoted to the study of the architecture and physical organization of cities.  His designs are recognized for the creativity and detail, unique to each project, that ensures quality and impact.

Purcell earned his BS Arch at the University of Virginia. He is the Director of Urban Design at the Baltimore firm of Brown Craig Turner.


Sovich holds a B Arch from Carnegie-Mellon, and for the past 20 years has practiced as Principal/founder of RM SOVICH ARCHITECTURE located in Baltimore. His  work has been recognized with awards for innovative housing, healthcare, adaptive reuse, and design for aging. His project “New Urban Housing” received a Progressive Architecture Award. 

LYNDA BURKE, Co-editor

Lynda Burke graduated from Georgetown University with a BS in Languages and Linguistics and has done substantial graduate work in the field of Comparative Literature. She has diverse professional experience, currently working as a free-lance editor and translator.




Chief designer of the Bloomer Studio, Kent Bloomer received an MFA in sculpture from Yale University after studying physics and architecture at MIT, and has over forty years of experience as an exhibiting sculptor, practicing designer, and professor. Bloomer is the author of two books: Body, Memory and Architecture and The Nature of Ornament, and has taught a class on architectural ornament at Yale for the past thirty­one years. _Read full bio



David Seamon is an environment­-behavior researcher and Professor of Architecture at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. His research and writings focus on the ways that the natural and built environments contribute to human well­being. An up-to-­date collection of Seamon's articles and conference presentations is available at:


Submission Procedure

Generally submissions should be directed to T3xture’s website.


Initial Review

T3xture’s two Architecture Editors will review each manuscript and make a judgment as to:

  • Congruence with T3xture’s mission;

  • Relevance to the issue’s theme;

  • Uniqueness overall of the contribution; In the case of theoretical/hypothetical projects, the validity of the underpinning theory or design.


When necessary submissions are referred for review by another professional with greater 

expertise in the relevant specialty. Based on these considerations T3xture will inform the contributor whether or not the manuscript will be considered for publication pending further review.


If Submission Is Considered for Publication

  • Design/theory facts and figures are verified;

  • Awards or recognitions received for the project are verified;

  • T3xture considers only original material; submissions are researched for evidence of prior publication;

  • Authors’ education, publishing, and experience backgrounds are checked (First search uses author’s name; subsequent searches double­check this information against university websites, award ­grantors’ announcements; press releases; news outlets; etc.).


Once Accepted for Publication

  • Each essay is rigorously edited for logical structure and clarity of expression;

  • Footnotes and references are checked for aptness, and accuracy of quotes and publishing details to ensure reliability and reader understanding.


T3xture reserves the right to decline to publish an article if not satisfied with the results of this review.


Double­Blind Review

We welcome unsolicited manuscripts from professionals who are personally known to us.  Such submissions should be sent to our lay editor, Lynda Burke –



Rejection of a manuscript at any stage of the review does not preclude the contributor from re-submitting the essay for future consideration. 


T3xture’s policies are subject to change as experience dictates.  Our website will be kept up­ to-date with all modifications.

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